A Wise Woman on Limitations

3 thoughts on “A Wise Woman on Limitations”

  1. Fortunately, I gave up much of the rigidity of celebrations and rituals – for different reasons. No more “have to get Everything done before” . . . Age has a way of doing that too. AND, different priorities.

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  2. It was heart breaking to read of Brandon’s tears on his birthday. I have come to the conclusion that a birthday is a good idea as it take the pressure off the “big day”! Although, birthdays round here usually mean that the birthday person has their favourite tea cooked for them and they get to go on a walk to the destination of thir choice. We live a quiet life at the best of times!

    It’s incredibly hard adjusting to your limitations, especially when you have been a teacher. I remember bursting into tears in the hospital in frustration of not being able to get out bed on my own, let alone get up on a table to adjust the volume of the TV which is what I actually wanted to do. I have been so used to be healthy and fit that it made be really angry to have to ask for help all the time.

    It feels like we are all in a very long dark tunnel at the moment. What is strange is that we are all finding life difficult at the moment. I am not unfamilar with it being just me struggling, that fact that we really are all in this together is odd. Of course, some have it tougher than others (like you and Bandon shielding). At least you have each other for company with the dogs. That is the only cheery thing I can think of.

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