I Am Woman I Can Do Anything

5 thoughts on “I Am Woman I Can Do Anything”

  1. It’s great that your mobility scooter has finally arrived. Yes, mobility aids are a marvel. I really relied on my zimmer frame when I was recovering from my broken leg. I used to marvel at its genius design (and how essential it was for me). I will never taken mobility for granted again and I am grateful every day for the fact that I can walk without the zimmer frame – even if I cannot walk where I would like to due to lockdown.

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  2. Hi Jane,
    You have definitely written a lot for people to think about. I am very happy for you that you now have your scooter and will be able to get out more and more, even it is just in your local neighbour hood for now. When the pandemic is over, hopefully it will provide you with the ability to experience that much more than you have been able to in the last little while. Take good care.

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