How To Find Purpose After You Lose Your Identity

9 thoughts on “How To Find Purpose After You Lose Your Identity”

  1. Oh how I have struggled with the idea that I have a mental disability (PTSD) although I have learnt to live with it and tailor my expectations to my limitations. Strnagely, I have found living with a physical disability (broken leg & ankle that is still not right) practically harder but emotionally easier. It’s there. Everytime walk downstais, to the local shop, it’s there in that stiffness in that discomfort. There’s no pretending it isnt.

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  2. You are amazing! Such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing with us all. Your bravery knows no bounds. ❤️


      1. I used to work at the Loblaws at Yonge and Yonge as a cashier (2004-2007?). It always made my day when you joined Brandon on the grocery run. What the two of you share is so precious… ❤️🙏


  3. And the brave and vulnerable way in which you share your journey truly speaks to my heart! Thank you! ❤️🙏


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