New ME Volume 1 No.1

4 thoughts on “New ME Volume 1 No.1”

  1. Why oh why did your GP refuse to sign a repeat perscription during lockdown? That must have caused you so much distress, Jane. I never much cared for heels but breaking my leg & ankle has meant that only the flatest of my shoes/boots get to stay here now. My mouth fell open when you said you could not put your bra on for a year and your feet swell up. What bloody awful illness you have.

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    1. It put me in a 7 month flare is what it did! August til February before I got my balanced lifestyle back on track. Myalgic encephalomyelitis is absolutely horrendous, horrific and a nightmare of a life. No research, no funding, no support, nothing. Mostly woman develop it. Huge gender biases involved with it. And it has been around for centuries. Florence Nightingale had it! It is bloody awful! However, I focus on my positives as that is what one must do.

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      1. I knew that Florence Nightinglae suffered from a “mystery illness”, it makes sense that it was ME. Yet another gender bias in medicine. Yes, if more men had it then there would be more research & treatments!

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