I Paint Because …

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  1. I cant get my head around what experiencing a “locked” body that was like a slab of concrete must have been like for you. I know that building up the wasted muscles in my left leg after 6 weeks of being immobilised took over a year. Actually the left leg is still not as strong as the right one despite daily exercises. It’s incredible that you have got your fine motor skills back in your hand. Well done. We all need meaning in out lives and art provides that for you and me. I found Viktor Frankl’s book very interesting – have you read it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man%27s_Search_for_Meaning

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    1. It was actually very frightening, especially with no doctor support for 17 months later! It was really hard to move at all, not to mention painful.
      I wasn’t sure how much fine motor I could develop. I used to have very strong hands and grip. More than an average woman, similar to a man’s actually. To go from that to not being able to tie a shoe lace or pick up certain small objects was shocking.

      Glad your doing better too!
      I will check out the book for sure!

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      1. The lack of support has been astonishing! From all areas including friends & family. I was a strong independent career minded woman, the constant income for my small family, who was banished from society with no outreach! Almost inhumane in my eyes. What if I was a man? Things would be very different!

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      2. I am not sure support would have been any better for a man. You were in a traditionally male role as bread winner (as was I, once upon a time) and that has pressures of its own. A few of my work colleagues (2 female, 1 male) came to visit at different times when I had my break down, but I wasn’t really in any state to see them. Looking back, I do appreciate their efforts. It is difficult to know when you are intruding and using up someone’s energy.

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