The Ebb & Flow of Painting

2 thoughts on “The Ebb & Flow of Painting”

  1. Hi Jane,
    A very insightful look at ur life with ME
    I had no idea that you may paint for only 10 minutes at a time You really accomplish so much. I hope you are so proud of what you do as well as feeling Joy from your painting
    Your posts are nicely written with such detail. You always a knack for the written language. It must also be so time consuming. Do you dictate to the computer? I’m just curious as to how you do this too. Technology is a marvel but then I think so are you!

    We are just sitting down to the jays game, they did a nice introduction of some Olympian’s and two of the girls threw the opening pitch👏

    Hope you will enjoy these spring days as your garden comes alive.

    Love Cathy xo 🌷💖🌈

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    1. Funny after you commented I have written a New ME blog on Tip for writing. It took me much time to be able to write again with so much cognitive dysfunction. Thankfully being a former K teacher was helpful. I did develop a system and built upon on, now I am writing with much more ease on a writing day.

      Look for it this summer. I have several blogs to publish. The garden has my attention when not painting whether in rest or doing a bit of hands on work. I have been working on strengthening my muscles and can do a wee bit more now.

      Take care, thanks for commenting.


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