Art is About Life

4 thoughts on “Art is About Life”

  1. I have always enjoyed my garden at work at home in the forest where ever, I was fortunate to have gardens and fountains right outside my office, I left and so did the gardens gone covered with cement, now my home has a small indoor hibiscus of course, outside several perennial hibiscus 🌺 plants heal somehow!

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      1. Why not try nothing to lose, my pansies gave me thousands of seeds, they are easy to grow no need to buy them every year, most of my garden are perennial 90%, I like the natural mulch cedar it deters a lot of insects, it’s the squirrels 🐿 that cause havoc lol, don’t get to down with no gardens, that’s why I like hot weather hibiscus I bring them inside, my sister in law Angela James is honoured tonight at the leaf game

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