Art is About Life

Life for me is only about healing, for several years I have had no life other than healing. There is nothing else, only a period of nothingness. In the beginning of recovery five long years ago I didn’t even feel as though I had life. I had to learn that nothingness and healing is life, … Continue reading Art is About Life


Growing up in Toronto during the 1970’s I didn’t have a connection to television, t.v shows or movie stars. My family had an old Zenith tube t.v. from a local shop Aireon TV, which sat in our living room with pliers on the knob used to turn channels. There was never a need to change … Continue reading Connected

Shadow Chaser

Patience is a wonderful attribute in life, which I thankfully have lots of. Paintings that were conceived in thought but not able to be produced relied on a plethora patience. In fact this photo here was taken only 11 days before becoming sick with a virus from a student in my class that would change … Continue reading Shadow Chaser

It Wasn’t Until, The Story of Living With IBS New ME Volume 2 No. 12

After a horrific bout with the Norwalk virus in 2016 my gut changed and I couldn’t tolerate food, turning to mostly vegan plant based food choices. My body in truth does not fully function on a vegan or vegetarian diet and when I was able I introduced more nutrient dense foods once again into my … Continue reading It Wasn’t Until, The Story of Living With IBS New ME Volume 2 No. 12