A Year Seen Through Art

A year through art, as seen through distinctive and bright paintings. Being the third year writing a form of yearly reflection, I find it interesting how the blog has moved from being about acceptance and healing into my painting practice. An extremely positive change which I find my heart filled with gratitude. I can only … Continue reading A Year Seen Through Art

Art is About Life

Life for me is only about healing, for several years I have had no life other than healing. There is nothing else, only a period of nothingness. In the beginning of recovery five long years ago I didn’t even feel as though I had life. I had to learn that nothingness and healing is life, … Continue reading Art is About Life

My Brain on Art

An interesting topic I have been researching and exploring for over a decade, the human brain. Upon the early onset of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) the shockingly real symptoms of the brains cognitive dysfunction were very present indeed. Now, I had to take my book knowledge and put it into practice for my own life experience. … Continue reading My Brain on Art