My Brain on Art

An interesting topic I have been researching and exploring for over a decade, the human brain. Upon the early onset of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) the shockingly real symptoms of the brains cognitive dysfunction were very present indeed. Now, I had to take my book knowledge and put it into practice for my own life experience. … Continue reading My Brain on Art

Who Knows Me Now ?

One random day before tucking into a film, I checked my emails and received a shock. Brandon was upstairs making popcorn with salt and a butter (substitute). Something completely unexpected happened. To put this into context, since becoming chronically ill and disabled I only have emails from receipts of purchase, businesses or spam. My phone … Continue reading Who Knows Me Now ?

Peace, Love & Me

I decided to do something this fall for myself, out of peace and love. The intent is to create a collection of small paintings on paper and panels, honestly a challenging task living with disability. A huge amount of time is dedicated to creating one small painting, working for only a few minutes a day … Continue reading Peace, Love & Me